Since the Chinese invasion in 1950, the systematic violation of Tibetans’ human rights is well known. This situation has not yet been improved in Tibet. To the contrary, since the Uprising of 2008 and beginning of the protest in form of self-immolation, the human rights abuses are now more hidden and subtle, undermining the dignity of women and men in Tibet. Tsering Tsomo, the Executive Director of TCHRD Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, together with Phagma Drölma NGO- GKE, Association for Solidarity with Tibetan people, made on Monday 13th a special appeal to Basque civil society, to the Basque Government, to the human rights coalition in the Basque Country, NGO’s and to the international media in order to give support, to visualize this ever growing Tibetan citizenship’s status.

Text: Virginia Meza


ongimedia: What is the most important challenge for you and your organisation for this year? And how can mass media give support to your organisation?

Tsering Tsomo: One of the most important challenge to us and to our organization is to…You know, we are human rights NGO working on human rights democracy inside Tibet. We have found that there are some items that are really difficult to obtain: information from Tibet and there has been lot of civil human rights coalitions inside Tibet and foreign journalists and international fake finding, not being allowed to visit Tibet. And those that have been allowed are always accompanied by Chinese government minders. So, that visitors are closely controlled, closely monitored. So, you know, international journalists or independent international journalists can play a very important role in, actually, in acting, exposing the truth inside Tibet. The Chinese government try very hard to hide the truth from the international community by actively suppressing, you know, human rights to information and movements of Tibet. And people of Tibet are arrested and detained untouched from sharing basic information about human rights coalitions with the international community. So, we believe that the international journalists can play a very important role in letting the international community know about the real situation in Tibet and how the Chinese government employs repressing tactics to actually hide the real situation in Tibet.


So, what is the role for the Basque Country?

Tsering Tsomo: Tibetans people have been working tightly to demand from the Chinese government that there are autonomy, you know, powers, autonomy freedoms be respected as the Chinese government has made laws saying that Tibetans are so called “ethnic minorities, nationalities” have autonomy to determine their own future, determine their own destiny and to control and manage their own regional governments but this is not happen so far that Chinese government has not respected its own laws. So, the Basque Country, the Basque Country government, the civil society, the NGO’s…they can play a very important role in ensuring that Tibetans people are basic human rights freedom, including  their real autonomies, are respected. Also, the Basque Country has autonomy power, their own autonomy laws. But, in Tibet, these autonomy laws are just empty promises or are just on paper and not been implemented. And that is why the hard of many of these human rights coalitions in Tibet are absented of real autonomy.



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