At the beginning of the month -march 7th and 8th- in Hirikilabs, located in Easo Street Donostia-San Sebastián the NGO Anesvad and Tabakalera hosted the Apps4health conferences and work meetings. The main objective of this event was to develop activities to make a change using the technology to solve social problems, this is the goal that both of this organizations share.


In this event they got to the conclusion that the progress and a good use of the new technologies such as mobile apps had a huge potential to help the most vulnerable people on the planet.

It’s important to mention that this weekend’s event was the second part of the “Social Hackathón” celebrated last year in Bilbao (September 28th) where almost 40 technology volunteers participate in a “making mobile apps” challenge to protect and promote the right of health. In this contest technology sources and inventiveness were combine during 12 hours and the result was one of the most innovating solutions to change the world.


The winner app was a project from Tecnología Grupo SCA and their battle towards the dengue fever under the slogan “Combat dengue fever with the help of TICs” and they had the opportunity to travel to Peru and see how their app was working.

In the second part of this project, the people in charge of making the apps had the opportunity to share their experience of the trip to Peru with the rest of the participants in a really intense and interesting conference journey in Donosti.


Starting on Friday with a talk from Pablo Garaizar, professor in charge of the Telecommunications Department of Deusto University and researcher in DeustoTech Learning and Carlos Tomás Moro engineer. Both of them talked about all the difficulties in turning a theoretical context into the real life according to technology development and how we have ideological connotations within our decisions.

The next day, on Saturday, a intensive work session was made like a Workshop having the presence of professionals like: David de Ugarte, from the Indias Electrónicas Society, Valentin Villaroel ONGAWA or Juan de Ituarte y Txus Ballesteros from SCA and also the participants in the Hackathón celebrate last year with the support of Anesvad.

We believe that is really interesting to participate in this kind of events because everyday technology is moving forward and is such a big step to use this as an alternative to progress. We trust in these new ideas and we will be looking forward in this new type of artisan, the artisan of the code.

Text: Fabiola Ortega Appendini

Photos: Laura Roux



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