Challenge: Collect in 4 minutes the main characteristics of an entrepreneur person.

Participating: Twenty people involve in one-way or another with the Innogune building, the center of social companies in Deusto University, Guipuzkoa.

Place: Innogune Valley, Deusto University, Donostia-San Sebastian.

More used words: Illusion, ideas, dreams, passion, trust, high motivation, hard working, perseverance and innovation.

Everything started on March from last year, when Deusto Entrepeneurship Center took the decision of proposing ONGi Media to do a presentation for the communication students… that same day the spark was on. Why if we ask the people involve in the Innogune building what does it means for them to be an entrepreneur?

We took the camera and start knocking on company’s doors and this is what happened…

We started up stairs, in the last floor where Asun Ibáñez, the responsible of Innovandis from Deusto and executive vice-president of IK4 told us that to be an entrepreneur you have to take action, and a high motivation and a good and healthy self esteem are the basis to start any project. In the same terms, Guillermo Dorronsoro from the Economy and business faculty of Deusto said, “In whatever we put our heart on, we put our action”. Nora Alegre from Ekozon Store thinks that “a person with action is organize and strong”.

 The technician of Deusto Entrepeneurship Center and responsible of Deusto Push, Anais Iglesias, add “enthusiasm, interest and perseverance, when you know you have to change something and know how to do it”.  Aje Arruti believes that the difference between an entrepreneur and a crazy person is that “you are trying to keep an sustainable idea. That is what we need right now: crazy and organize people who wants to change the world”.

In Sinnple, Iranzy Sain de Murieta guarantees that “a social entrepreneur its moved by the need of solving problems in a innovating way, following techniques of a conventional company that allows them to be sustainable.”

Jaime Gorospe, from Pantori comments that “the concern of doing things in a different way, the need to improve and don’t settle is what makes you a entrepeneur. You have to start yourself, never say you haven’t try”. The Director of the Entrepeneurship Center, Tontxy Campos believes that they are “fireproof people who aren’t afraid of failure”. Kepa Jauregi from La bici roja and Deskontu stand out the importance of “perseverance and don’t be afraid of messing up”.

The touristic guides from EkoInfo Iñigo Ansa and Lierni Gartzia they both agree that an entrepreneur type “is not afraid to fall into difficulties, they want to get up again and enojoy”. Lierni said that happiness is the answer “what makes you happy it’s going to reflect to everyone around you”.

From Pao-pao, Arkaits Bastida think that “you get involve that much because the project is really personal”. Maite Roso, on the other hand assures that “because you have to do a little bit of everything the job gets enjoyable and none of the days are the same”. On the same path, the co-founder of No problem Maider Olaizola told us “when you set out on the journey of doing your own company you become an specialist in marketing, finances and everything”.

The technician from DEC, Mikel Korta remark the illusion of an entrepreneur. “We all are capable of start something, we need a lot of illusion, being capable of hard work y overcome the obstacles on the road”. Isabel Fernandez from Innovandis thinks, “The important part is that wherever you will go you can be capable of changing things”. The innovander Jon Ojanguren believes “you have to work a lot to prove that you can take your idea ahead and the bigger motivation in life is doing what you love”.

“You have to give everything” said Maite Rosso from Deskontu. Xavier Maza the La Salsera co-founder trusts that “an initial idea works like a push to take action”. Txomin Jauregi from Deskontu agrees with that and adds that when you have a clear idea of what do you want to do you got a feeling of a worm inside you that needs to get out”. We also interview Rogelio Fernandez, professor from Deusto and he mention “illusion, having a dream and trust in yourself”. On the same path, Lore Uranga from Basque Destination thinks that the entrepreneur type of person needs “illusion and being proud of having something of their own that is also good for society”.

Iraxe Pascual, consulter from Iratxe Pascual thinks that you need to have a lot of positivism even in hard times and you have to insist, don’t be afraid of listening to others opinions or another point of view, persistence and being open to listen”, Marta Artero from Thinknova affirms that “an entrepreneur needs illusion, trust in themselves and they have to be able to create that illusion, confidence and energy with everyone around them”. From Donostik, Marta Iraola stand out qualities like “patience, persistence, trust in ourselves and the capacity to stop for two minutes and analyze what is going on, learn, correct and improve”. Our neighbors from upstairs No Problem, Oscar Galán said “The idea from business, perseverance, passion for your project and an idea to start”. Maider, her partner in No problem, assures “when you start to finally see the results is great”.

From ONGi we want to thank all the people involve in this video and interviews, but specially thank all the people who has their hearts on projects and dreams

Thanks to Fabiola Ortega Appendini



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